THEORY by Surprise!Productions [web]

we show you were the beer comes from

karaoke ascii logo here ;)
(you are allowed to create one)

presented on FUNCTION 03 a 64k intro...


full credits...

BoyC     (code, additional 3d, fixing, teaching, loving, not 
          getting drunk in the process)
NuKe     (3d, design, alcohole, more alcohole, he is very drunk)
DKDman   (3d, design, he is also very drunk)
eviL     (music, grosse salami, foliba)
tmbthedrunkthereebok (nothing, infofile, worlddomination)
mrc!     (additional coding (megis hasznaltunk effekteket toled :) 
         (hehe thanks :))
Peitschi (support, notebook, gba, döner)
ph0x     (more support, keyboard)
local chicks (no support :/ bah thanx for the food tho)

for political correctness select:

THEORY_party.exe           - we were drunk at function version
THEORY_conservative.exe    - you like g.uu.bush version

we are very drunk

special love, honour and respect to a choosen few...

Gargaj - Tomcat - elend - Paralax - LostCluster - Igor - Peci - 
Coma - Shiva - Peitschi - Kojote - rey - Snowkrash - Corwin -
Prince - diPswitch - Seismic -  spy-da - EvilOne - MiRRoRMaN -
Mermaid - SLC - TDS - Ymgve - phase1 - Sjaak - Metal Designer -
dylan - KRS - Dixan - Kami- - reed - Shanethewolfthedog!!! -
ph0x - Antibyte - DUNCAN - Trx - Jimmi - Lvsti - S0lo ZADOS!!!
you make it worth being in the scene! thank you!

our friends are:

Scoopex - Speckdrumm - Black Maiden - CoolPhat - FEARMOTHS!!! -
Conspiracy - Syn[RJ] - The Silents - TRSI - Danish Gold -
CREATORS!!! - DAMONES!!! - possibly others...
kiss kiss kiss smack smack smack XXX (tmb loves you :)

respect to for the great work...

Federation Against Nature - Mad Wizards - Nah-Kolor - Suspend -
Moppi Productions - Smash Designs - Kewlers - ODD - Haujobb -
Ümläüt Design - amuQ - Matt Current - UNIQUE :*** - CNCD (or
at least what's still available from you ;) - iGUANA - r0k -
Spinning Kids - Fairlight - Mature Furk - Sunflower - Marshals -
Marsmellow - Crest - Oxyron - MFX - Hitmen - GReeNRooM -
DOOMSDAY - Eichel (sick name!) - Exceed - etc etc ...
yes yes, we are very drunk, there is a lot of you we love :)
oh yes, and Farbrausch the EliteGroup K)

tmb thinks Minimal Animal and Kosmoplovci should: 
fuck off and die!!! 
haha na seriously, i like you somehow ;)

tmb said "AND is a lamer, no really, check his demos, they are
bad coded, 20 Frames @ 2 GHz P4-GeForceFX, you really should kill
yourself, wanker! WindowsSynth = no demo trick!!! fuck off! go 
back to spectrum!"

tmb's revelation: Finnish scene sucks, Polish & Hungarian scene
rulez! (we love you!!!)

tmb's thought of the moment: Scoopex DO SOMETHING LAMERS!!!
(show us you derserve to be our friends heheh, you know
Farbrausch my ass, lets tell them a lesson ;)

tmb's w0rds are not representing S!P ;)

tmb is very drunk!

boyc says this intro was done in 100% partycode feeling

FUNCTION 03 - you missed da shitte!!!

S!P are (drunk order, sorry)... tmb (theDRUNKtheReeBoK, ego rulez), 
NuKe, DKDman, BoyC, X-Acto, Snoopen, STV, eviL, statique, Keph, 
yes, DualTrax, Akira, Sky, erm sorry, we are very DRUNK :)

without name: long live the pain news crew for exposing me :)

contact us...
join us...
we are very drunk (yes really)

this info file and karaoke acsii logo by tmbthedrunkthereebok,
in 2003 live, drunk, raw and real @ function 2003 in hungary, 
somewhere, nowhere, we are (still) very drunk!!!

EOA. (for the lamers: end of alcohol)

ps: ryg is NOT a member of S!P