Eigen by PhyMosys

                   ¦           E I G E N            ¦
                   ¦                                ¦
                   ¦     --- Documentation ---      ¦
                   ¦                                ¦
                   ¦ (C) July 1998  Dave/PhyMosys   ¦
                   ¦    Email: dave@bglinks.com     ¦

        ¦ Credits
        ¦ Hardware Requirements
        ¦ Released Stuff
        ¦ Greetz

¦ ¦ Eigen? what does it mean?! ¦
This word comes to me when I was studying for an university computer
science exam... in fact, it's a part of the word EIGENVALUE which speaks
for itself. eigenvalue stands for the solution of a differential equation
(a equation which includes its own derivate). I was studying for an hour
when, suddenly, I got inspired when read Eigenvalue... so I though it
would be a good idea to use Eigen (it's shorter than Eigenvalue ;) ).
Navi (and some others asked it), so you now know what it means.

¦ ¦ Credits ¦
Code:  Dave
Music: Mercure
Gfx:   Aktiv

Also, I *must* credit the following people:
Adam Seychell (DOS32 extender)
FreddyV/Useless (Useless Sound Player support)

Navi: for his support giving ideas for the code and for sharing ideas
when coding the intro.

And finally, I'll give lof of thanx to the following 'trackers':
Gutek: for tracking his tresor music.
Maza: maybe one of the BEST composer I have ever known. Thanx for
      your support with the Cosmosis (demo edit). Really cool.

DjBlaze: mmh... 'I Into your dream...', tell me if you have NOT released
         it... maybe we will use for another demo.

Vim: uh.. nice&weird drums. Much more better 'Postcare.XM'...
     Thanx for your support.

This intro requires a fast machine (at least a 486 with fpu), 2 Mb RAM,
VBE 2.00 support (download UNIVBE of Scitech Software), GUS or SB and
the proper time to watch it :)
I said a 486... well, to be honest, I have NOT seen it in a 486,
however, I've seen it in a Pentium 90 Mhz and I can tell you this was
incredible slowly B O R I N G ... But in my Pentium 133 Mhz it runs
fast and very fine. It's NOT my fault... coz I have my P133 for taking
profit of it... ;)

   Filename        Size   Released   A Short Description
   MANGA.ZIP      487 kb    8-9-95   The 1st Manga&Anime demo, VGA & SB
   QUANTUM.ZIP    590 kb  14-11-96   Multi-Part demo, VGA & SB
   MIND.ZIP       247 kb   10-7-97   Track Demo, VGA & SB
   DGT2B.ZIP      159 kb    3-5-98   Image proc. Tool, VBE 2.00, 386+
   EIGEIN.ZIP         kb   24-7-97   64k track intro,VBE 2.00,GUS,SB,486+

¦ ¦ Greetz ¦
Special greets goes to J&I, maybe one of the BEST coder I know... How
goes the GMS? heheh, I'm sure you don't have time to code any byte of it..
.. working is a shit, I know. :)

Axe: for being a beginner coding fx in the entire university...

Gandalf: uf!! for helping me with some network problems when uploading
         files. Thanx!

Adok / Twinsen / Goblin / Clef / Shock / Biki / Nephoo / Aslan
Altair / Gaffer / Kneebiter / Action / Kalms / Ravian  / ....
... have I forgot some1? anyway, greetings to regular ppl in #coders