3D Demo II Intro by Anarchy

++ text extracted from the demo "3D demo 2 intro" by Anarchy (????) ++

++ bootblock text

Hey there, this is the very simple bootblock for the intro for 3D Demo II.
Just watch out for the demo, coming soon to a computer near you!!!

++ other text

And finally it is about to come. WHAT ? Tell me, tell me!. 
NO WE WONT ! Just wait to see the very very soon coming raytracing.
BTW. Write something on the keyboard. YEAH, it is true.. Release two
will come to your screen at this very party!- We hope you like these
small LEMMÆND.  Well, at least we like them ourselves.
The Credits Code by Hannibal. Gfx by Slash. Music by Mad Freak.
Raytracing by Morten Thuesen. No tech stuff here. But we can tell,
that tracing is HIres, thirtyone frames, DeltaPacked and forced
through a twenties film camera. Well, enjoy the last lemmænd, coz
now we are gonna restart.

++ Other text

what the fuck is that
kiss my ass, bitch!
stupid motherfucker!
write something more intelligent!
non of your business!!
we dont want that shit.
lamers opinions are unwanted here.
hils din storebror, brian!
ringe besked! nyt forsøg.
live from aars, denmark!
hvad fanden er meningen??
shut the power or boot something else.. this is not for kids, so fuck off!!
the power is on, your brain isn't!
it's boring to write this messages!
what are you saying, looser?
thanks! same to you, sucker!
Vehang on for the real demo. coming soon.
advertise.. get stolen data number ten!
try to use your brain cell!
we want to insult everybody personal.
we are not number one. we are better!
are you sure that's your true opinion?
don't be stupid, sucker
this is the most rude messagebox ever!
hold da kæft, hvor var det dumt svaret!
humour.. no, this is serious business!?
yes, but watch out for our demo anyway.
almost as boring as filled vectors.
more boring than filled vectors.
but my glenzvector is faster than yours code
we bought it from codemasters.
music .. we bought it from psygnosis.
gfx that is none of our business.
try to keep to the subject, please.
men hvad synes du om storebæltsbroen?
Lvote yes to the ec. i would have done.
volvo, svenska bilerne utan manglar.
sas, if you belive in delays!
seas, for spændingens skyld! hahahaha!!
ha ha ho ho ho hi hi he he! serious?
would be fun, but stick to reality!
try to be a bit more serious!
maybe, but slash draws better than you!
nope, i don't believe you, sucker.
that's a lie. i can prove it.
another lie from of your mouth(hands?)!
but you could improve your grammar!
i understand, but your language is bad.
try to write another word!
poing poing pong ping pang! got it?
øøh, er du helt sikker?
fuck yourself with a paving stone, boy.
fuck yourself with a pudding,lamer!
go eat your glasses, llamabrain.
la la la la la lamer!
try to write toadflax on the keys.
hurry up, tell me more!
s h u t  u p
what! i hope you are not bored yet?
Gud at se med dsb ud at flyve med lsd.
but i have more disks than you!
but i am better in tetris than you!
but pretty maids rules!
write some goddam sentence, or i'll blowyour head off
shut up or i'll shut you up!
aars right here, right now!!
 to all anarchy members, there is a spacebetween nørre and alslev!
 asmone is too old, too lame. trashonics made the great follow-up, which we use!
 the best group ever we rule from now on till the end of the world!
 hope you enjoy these nice bobs above!
 see you at this party. hvordan går det  med din plasmademo??
 det var faktisk megaflot!
 hi mikael, looking forward to your concert. anyway, i look forward
 to talk to you again.
 oh, no! but maybe the opposite!
 try writing secret parts! but i am hannibal oh, sorry. i just haven't
 thought, that i was ever going to meet anyone that famous!
 hi fellow, great preview. we'll see how this comp is! ofcoz i'll win again!
 hej casper, dit selvdøde lokum. godt vi snart er færdige mit den schweinerei, ne?
 don't copy gfx for gfx+competitions, that's unfair to real artists!
 hello friends. what are you up to now?  tell me or show me!
calm down
 not if you stay offensive all the time!
 great computers lately.
critical mass
 is your seventeen+disk demo coming soon or what, critical mass?
 coming with another demo this year, eh?
die da
 die da, die da am eingang steht ? nein!
 ofcoz we use dpaint!
 deltapacking is a great invention! i saved almost one megabyte!
 du kan holde dig for ørerne. du kan holde dig for øjnene. men du kan ikke
 begge dele samtidigt !
 upside down down down down!
die fantastischen vier
 nein, sie ist die frau, die freitag nicht kann!
eyes again
 the original title of this was actually "eyes again"!
 the eyes, our main motive.
 i don't want to hear such words again!  understood?
 sorry not to see you here, fish!
ftm dos
 write futuremind dos instead!
 to join our fanclub, send hundred dollars to trix and tell him to send
 them to me!
futuremind dos
 the extremely smart loader system, which can check errors, load from
 other drivesand realtime depack loaded stuff. cool!
 sorry about all your unused work, and thanks for the loader, and for
 being the link, that keeps me from talking to mf!
 a great game with a really great tune!  remember?
 the worst ever !
 just wait. he he he!
 the best ansi-game ever!! go get it!
 you dont understand, nerd? well, it's simple. just write something,
 and you'll get an answer from the computer.
 that's too hard to explain to a no+brainlike you!
 are you just too stoopid to understand?
 dont mention hurrilame here, please. you make me want to puke!
 no, i don't believe you are hannibal!
 great demo, but my new demo is better!
 my extremely cool packing system, which i among others use for
 realtime load and depacking! cool!?
vad er obs reklamer
 dårligst hver gang !
hvad er obs
 billigst hver gang !
12 has an unused brain
 yes, just what i would say.
 no, just an unused brain.
i am
 i dont care who you are, what you are,  or why you are that!!
i have not
 that's right you have nothing!
i haven't
 ahr, fuck off. you aint got anything at all!
i have
 you ain't got no shit, so shut up!!
is a megalamer
 yes, just my words.
 no, just a megalamer.
 my iq is much better than yours!
 is this really intelligent code!? it took only two days to code!
 ofcoz we use imagine!
 ofcoz we use iffmaster!
 try to write help.
 sorry about rebels, but nothing happened there!
 access permitted.
john dove
 hejsa, simon! er du med denne gang, eller hvad?
 det bedste navn til freaks overhovedet!
 bror jacob! er du ved at være færdig med dit billede?
 øksekagemanden er sku' da flink!! he is just in a bad mood!
 kim, please fuck off! we hate you, don't you understand!
 ok, kyd. i admit, that you succeded in  making me hear weird music styles!
 just sing.. destruction ha ha ha ha ha  murder blood war ourgh die !
 it is true what søren r. said about my  glenz!! just wait!
karlåge havelåge
 hi to you, my friend. i feel sorry for  your name!
 sounds like a pop demo! hi jesper kyd!
 lemmings, a great source of inspiration.but i hate the game!
 some weird creatures. most are normal workers, but some just don't know
 how tobehave!
 mange hilsener fra din ven, ex+john!
 dont you ever talk about lamers again! i am the only one, who can!
mad freak
 din lede musiker. lav noget mere, og du er numero uno on the charts!
 see you next time, metallica!! keep'em  playing.
make you sweat
 sweat, till you can't sweat no more!
 nice tracing, but weren't you a bit slowabout the second one?
 det var på onsdag, vi skulle i byen, ikke også, madd?
my life
 it's my life, take it or leave it, set  me free, what's that crap osv. osv.
 jah, sorry martin, men du er jo kun musiker!
 martin spoiler, hvad sker der nu? uden  dig er livet som et joystick
 uden en brugt busbillet! tolk det selv!
 why do you always have to argue? you have to admit, that i am smarter
 than you!
napalm death
 that's real music!
nørre alslev
 finally someone who could spell nørre alslev right!
 omar, you poor lamer! dont steal modules from mad freak, and release
 them as your own work!
 pinball fantasies is number one! great  work, tsl sweden, keep it up!
pretty maids
 power to the pretty
 protracker rules, when it works!
 davs martin. her bare en kort hilsen. vi ses i helvede(nyk. f. handelsschule)
 ,he he he!
 great music, guys! why dont you visit denmark soon??
 ofcoz! do you think i'm lying, lamer!
 yeah, just listen to martin "cutmother" schiøler alias rave+o+mad freak.
 hej slash, din gamle skraldespandssren- ser. lav nu noget mere af din
 fede gfx!
 skin that cat, and do it now!! great preview.
space invaders
 the greatest space game before project  x.
stolen data
 issue ten coming at the party ii! get it for any price!
 he is dead! dead and gone forever!!
static bytes
 hi there, my old group! it seems that you have had a lot of success
 since i left. i hope there are no relations.
 eeh, søren, yeah, that's me greetings to me from myself!
secret part
 not her, but the demo has a single secret part, a very simple vectorgame.
 but try writing story part one in here!
story part one
 once upon a time, there was a lamer called omar. he joined several groups,
 but was quickly thrown out again. that was
story part two
 very good for the groups, and they lived happily forever, because then
 omar join+ed a finnish group. the end!
 hejsa stajlæns, hvoddan går'ed?
take it easy
 okay, but don't +ever+ provoke me!!
 techno is okay, when you don't have any heavy!
 hej flotte, hvad skal du lave på lørdag? i miss you so much!
 got ya, sucker! ofcoz you had to write  it, eh?
 trashmone rules forever and ever. amen!
 still alive in trash corp.??
tech stuff
 the intro is just a one+part demo, which has hundred kilos of sourcekode,
 and one megabyte of graphic datas.
 hi torp. sorry about the tracings, men  i løb out of memory.
 hils forresten din classmate, benny!
 davs thuesvin, eeh, thuesen. make that  neon flash, now!
 arrange that party ii, boy! good luck!  but i won't write that you are
 number one, as you proposed, he he he!
 ich hab' kein computervirus. ich hab' nur aids! (joke!)
 we hate vector gfx if it is standard! nolie!
who are you
 i am the best, the most intelligent and the rudest messagebox ever seen to
 man+ kind!
 dit klamme hak, har du virkelig amiga??
you have
 i have everything, that's just a fact!
you are a genius
 thank you! i agree!
you are
 don't tell me what i am! i think i know that better than you, sucker!
 i'm a genius, no more, no less!
 great thing, that we have the same opinion, at least to that point!
 sorry about the big movie demo, zoom, but everybody is doing such demos
 today, so i made this one instead! welcome on board this anarchy intro.