The Difference by N-Factor

                                    T H E

                               n - F A C T O R

The Difference is our contribution the Summer Encounter 64kb intro compo,
and as you easily have noticed its main purpose is advertising our upcoming
diskmag Autark, which will be released in the first half of August 1996...
and actually we never visit a party without presenting something ;)
As always this thingy doesn't look the way we wanted it to do, but it's
not that different from the original thoughts as other things we've done.

...man, this is just an intro, so no giant stories, just an advice:
                          send that VOTE.AU! in!

For running The Difference you'll need at least the following:
                         486DX, 550kB, VGA, GUS 12kB
brought to you by Hellfire(Code), Lard!!!(Music) and Diskhawk(Texts, Ideas).