experiment: imhotep by mfx [web]

                              mfx presents
                   a mobile demo "Experiment: Imhotep"

           presented at Assembly 2005 mobile demo competition

  thanks to Mr.Goodliving for letting us use the MRG EMERGE technology
      allowing this demo to work on a wide array of mobile devices

         this production along with all the previously released
            mfx productions can be found from mfx.scene.org

                    this demonstration was created by:
        pommak, kakka/damones, droid, melwyn, uncle-x, synteesi,
               scoopr, 216, muhmi/extend & mel funktion.

  made possible by the help, inspiration & work of the following people:
 heat, nystep/accession, muumi/tpolm, adam/dcs, jaakkopl, elvis/limbo, 1in10,
 hazi/byterapers, kraku/byterapers, b/dcs, lum/unique, munakoiso and others.

          special greetings fly out to Lord Scotland & Millsy