zados 2000 by Hirmu

		Zados 2000 by HiRMU
		Nokia Series 40 revision 1 demo
		Megademo in 64 kilobytes.
		Winner of Assembly'05 mobiledemocompo.
		Tested on Nokia 3100.
		May or may not work with others.
		Installing :
			Files you need are Zados2000.jad and jar.
			Easiest way is to upload files to web server and use "download.wml" or similar 
			WAP page for downloading. Change mysite with your own.
			J2ME mime types are not defined by default. So you might have to add those if you can.
			If you can not do that... HAH! Tough luck.
			Some S40 phones accept direct connections with computer through USB, IR or BT.
			That might work too. Upload file (JAR) from your computer to your phone as it will
			propably appear as a message or something. Heck. I don't have those fancy phones.
		We are back!
		Code : Mr.Skandinavia