Gietah by Guideline [web]

                                    MMMMMM;;    nnMMMMMM!!  
                                  MMMMMM!!        MMMM      
                                BBMMMMMM!!        ##zz      
                              nnMMMMMMMMDD        ##        
                            ;;MMMMMMMMMMMMnn    BB          
                        "";;    ##MMMMMMMMMM##              
                    wwDDee;;    ##MMMMMMMMMMMMDD            
                nnBB!!            ##MMMMMMMMMMMMUU          
            ;;##nn                  DDMMMMMMMMMMMMww        
          zzMM""                      UUMMMMMMMMMMMMee      
        wwMM;;                          UUMMMMMMMMMMMMff    
      UUMMzz                              DDMMMMMMMMMMMM::  
    UUMMMM                                  MMMMMMMMMMMMDD  
  zzMMMMBB                                  ;;MMMMMMMMMMMM  
  MMMMMMMM                                    BBMMMMMMMMMM  
nnMMMMMMMM;;                                  ffMMMMMMMMww  
wwMMMMMMMM##                                  !!MMMMMMMM    
nnMMMMMMMMMMDD                                !!MMMMMMee    
""MMMMMMMMMMMM##                              ffMMMM##      
  MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMnn                          eeMMMM        
  ;;MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMnn                      MMMM;;        
    ffMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMDDff              wwMM!!          
                          ;;zzzz::    Guideline      
                             released at Scene Event 05

Hi and welcome to the first official prepared guideline .nfo instead of
a quick hack ('because we must have an .nfo, so you better type
it now before the deadline is there').

We're now a week before the deadline at SE2k5 and our demo
is really starting to get in shape now. We did most of the effects, the
timeline is almost filled right now, we just need to fill in one more 
effect, and we need lots more tweaking and timing of the effects. 
Right now we are experiencing some bugs, we're thinking because of some 
same-named-store operators.

The path we've walked before releasing this demo is quite tedious. 
We started about one year ago, just before SE2K4 using the farbrausch
Werkkzeug tool. In the beginning it was a hard tool to master, but after
lots of experimenting, reading the tutorial, cursing, some more 
experimenting, we feel like we've finally come to a part where we are 
getting to know the werkkzeug tool quite well.


Numtek writing here.
We resolved the bug in our k1-file, it was a load-opertaor which pointed
into nothingness. It was supposed to load a particle system, but I killed
that one, and now it was loading random data, and crashing werkzeug every
time we hit the 'make demo' button. I made a small 'loadbug.k1'-file that
I'm going to show the farbrausch people. Probably the fixed this issue in
their new version, but who knows. It costed us more the a hour to find out
what went wrong, searching through all fxs, timelines and textures.

We just removed the introfx from the demo, because it didn't seem fitting.
Now we only have to think of something for this fx and the final one, and
then all the placeholders are gone, and the tweaking&cleaning&optimizing
can begin.

.TheBat writing here

We're two days before the party now and things are really getting nice now.
We've removed and remade several effects, we created a new greet effect, 
and also the new intro is ready now, the only thing it requires is some 
better timing, and some better textures for the second part. We've never 
been this far before any party at all. We also discussed what we should 
focus on the most, and what's the highest priority now. We'll do some more 
effects today, and then the great cleaning can begin, so this will be our 
first nicely organized viewable k1 file (if you don't believe me you should
check out the other ones ;).

It's getting quite exciting now, I'm really looking forward to view it on
the bigscreen, and watch all the time and effort we've put in making this
coming to a nice end, and off course, competing in the competition will
be great.  

.TheBat once more

Now we're just one night before the party. We filled in the last effect, and now al placeholders are replaced by some effect. We decided there are three more effects that need some focus, and after that, it's just tweaking, adding some more layers, and nice small design thingies, and then it will be complete. Off course a lot more work needs to be done, but i think there aren't many groups who finished their demos before they arrived at the party (tweaking included). So the upcoming party will require lots more tweaking, but i think we're at 85% right now, it's 

design  : Numtek, The Bat ^Guideline
music   : Chrisis ^Homemade soundsystem
code    : Chaos, Fiver2 + Kb, Doj, Ryg, Tron, GiZMo ^.theprodukkt
          OggVorbis audio decompression by Xiphophorus Company
support : Guideline demoteam (voor aldi goedkope grappen!)
          Ren Hoek, Larstiq, Beta, Straphka, Visualice.
ascii   : `Arthur' & ASCII Art generator

Numtek greets:
Eva, Ignas, Yarna, #070 ircnet, Homemade soundsystem, Shamans of Sound, 
Aliens on Acid, Psychedelelektrik Freak Club, Psycho Storms, N-gen, 
Public Harakiri, AEG, Eatme, Elektrovolt, Cerror, Exorbis, Tino, Inopia, 
Enix,  Zaranoff Premium Vodka, Dansk Pilsener.

Respect to:
All open source software writers around the globe.
All freeparty soundsystems.

Special blend of production-increasing music as selected by Numtek:
King  Geedora, Sage Francis, Linkin Park, System of a Down, Brainpower, 
Dre, Snoop, Atmosphere, Hellfish & Producer, Within Temptation, Coldplay,
Justin Timberlake, Enzyme records, The Third Movement.

`Kijk waar je zij aan zij staat
 en tel je zegeningen
 voordat je aan jezelf voorbij raast'
-Brainpower, `Even Stil'

(`Check were you're facing back to back
 and count your blessings
 It's time for yourself that you lack')

Alusi objects to the use of .Werkkzeug (but we did finish our demo before the deadline)

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