Less is More by The Humanoid

Less is More, by The Humanoid

Requires: 386, VGA
Plus: GUS at Port 240h and IRQ 5

This intro is coded in real mode, so it should run under practically
anything.  Sorry that the GUS must be at that specific port.  Hey, if
you pkunlite it, you can probably figure out where to change the port
and irq with a hex editor.  Good luck!  The same goes for my other intro.
This won first place at the Naid '95 intro compo.  I'm not sure if it runs
without a GUS, don't feel like looking at the source.  This was coded
at last minute at the event, and I didn't even have time to shorten the
incredibly long tunnel at the end, so you can press escape as soon as you
get bored.  Oh, and the dolphin part, it's not a bug.  You can see through
the dolphin because I didn't sort the polygons.  And you can see that
delay effect because of the quick-o-way I used for deleting the dolphin
for the next frame.

And by the way, there is another "The Humanoid" who releases tracked
music.  We are two different people.  Just so you don't confuse us.

Don't forget to check out my other production entitled: "Flower"

If you wanna contact me:

primary email: lovidicus@cheerful.com

secondary email: lovidicus@yahoo.com

David Gadzinski
11767 Desy
Montreal, Quebec

See ya!

The Humanoid