NitroTracker by 0x80

     Nitrotracker v0.1
     -----------------  by 0xtob ^ 0x80

-- About

NitroTracker is a FastTracker II style tracker for the
Nintendo DS. If you didn't understand that, you might
want to read up on trackers. For starters, NitroTracker
is a versatile tool for creating music - everywhere! It
supports the popular XM file format that is used by many
PC trackers and that can be played on many PC audio
players such as Winamp or XMMS.

-- Installation

Just copy NitroTracker.nds and optionally s_rn.xm (an
example song) to any folder of your CF/SD card. 

-- Documentation

You will probably need it. It's in the "documentation"
folder and can also be found online, on the ...

-- Homepage


-- Contact

You can contact me via:

    * e-Mail: me@<thisdomain>
    * IRC: #dsdev on IRCNet (look for _0xtob) 

-- Thanks

There is quite a bunch of people that made the development
of this project possible or easier. This list is by no
means comprehensive, so please don't sue me if you are
missing your name here :-)

    * joat, dovoto and WinterMute for libnds and DevkitPro
    * chishm for the universal FAT library 
    * Headspin for the great on-screen typewriter design
    * doublec for his ds development tutorials 
    * My friends in #dsdev and #mellowdsdev for patiently
        answering my questions
    * Sauli / JmL for providing the bundled song and hel-
        ping me "debugging it"
    * starpause for providing the samples used in the tu-
    * Michael Krause for the open source SoundTracker,
        that was a great help with the XM format
    * Last but not least: Vogue and Mr.H of Triton for
        Fasttracker II, the tracker that NitroTracker was
        designed after