Call For Blue by Bluebox Cinematique GmbH [web]

                    C A L L   F O R   B L U E
                           Hallo? Was?

      21st century masterpiece by Bluebox Cinematique GmbH.

  Requires any MIDP2.0 compatible, Java capable phone. Optimized
   for Sony Ericsson K700, also tested on (& fixed for, because
   Nokia sucks) Nokia 6680. Slow like hell, because i converted
 code originally written by me in Turbo Pascal on peeCee,  and i
didn't wanted to write better, because evil lazyness and deadline
                         took all over me.

        This is a fake just for fun release. We're sorry.
         Explicit lyrics. Parental advisory recommended.
Released at Breakpoint 2006, Bingen am Rhein, Germany, 2006.04.16.
              We made too many fake prods already...

             tortured by NetBeans: Buegeleisen
            punished by Photoshop: Fernseher
           forced to use Cakewalk: Juergen


                     (in alphabetical order)

    Amuq Creations, Conspiracy, Farbrausch, Fresh!mindworkz,
     Kangooroo, Madwizards, Rebels, Racers, Singular Crew,
        Tesco Gazdasagos Democsapat, and all the rest...

       Still definitely NO thanks to #amigahu people... ;)


                   Jetzt wirst du telefonieren.

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