Scary Dinosaur by Bobby Davro Snooker Experience [web]

Scary Dinosaur by The Bobby Davro Snooker Experience

a 32k intro for Outline 06 in Hollaaand

Requirements 	: Shader model 2.0
		  recent DirectX
		  a soundcard

Code & design 	: parapete
Music 		: syphus
Module player	: minifmod (www.fmod.org)
ExE packer	: mew

Done in a few days. Dedicated to Skrebbel, because I know how much he
adores chiptunes :)

Not much to say about this one. One new effect, some recycled code
and a chip tune. I (parapete) wanted to get to Outline but couldn't make
it in the end so decided to do an intro instead. There's not really a
dignified way of displaying effect including cubes, cylinders and torii
so we present you this intro in an "old-skewl" stylee. Some people won't
like that, but you can't please everyone all the time.

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			or catch both of use on #ukscene

Greetings to everyone, etc