Glon 243 by cocoon [web]

Glon243  by   Cocoon
at the TakeOver 2001

-- Crédits -- 

Gfx Concept            : Azo (contact Guille)
Gfx Add                : Nytrik (nytrik@yahoo.com) Tenshu (tenshu98@yahoo.com)
Music and Sound Design : Syl East (sylvain.ballee@chello.fr)
Code                   : Guille (guille@free.fr)
Code Add               : Atc (atc@planet-d.net) codac (contact Guille)

Needs DX8.
Dedicated to Mireille and Seb for their birthdays !

Thanks to the following people for testing the final release :

t4NO, Thom, Juergen, Cloak, Bjoern Hellebrand, Joost Vunderink
Angelo Bod, Jeamph, Seboon, Jeremy Williams, Jeroen Massar
and Niakool/Orion