New Millenium by Zalem Corp

Zalem is:
	Kosh, as the lead coder.

	Mitch, as the 3D and  2D artist.

	Zaac, as the musician and responsible for all that is sound-relative.

	You can visit us in our web site: www.zalemcorp.com. 
	If you come to enjoy New Millenium, please, feel free to let us know...

New Millenium

	This Demo was presented at La Slach Party, La Teste de Buch, France  which occured on the 19th, 20th ,21th ,22nd of 	July 2001 ( www.slachparty.org), organized by Mike, Belette, Brainbug, Dax, FGP, Gol, Krabob, Raby, Raptor, 	Redshift, Schnaky, Seb, Sly, Tex, TSR and Unison.

Required Configurations:

	This demo was originally made to run on this kind of computer:

		P3 750 mhz, 256+ Ram memory, Ge force 256 video adaptater,  UDMA hard drive.

	Otherwise, we believe that our demo MUST run under all kind of configuration. That why we've  included  a large 	choice of Built-in line-up, reflecting different kind of final rendering:

		Duke Mode: P2 300Mhz,  128 ram, Tnt2 or ATi RAge 128.(Whaoo...). 320*200, 32 b.

		Tv Mode: P2 500 128 Mo, Ge force. 640*480, 32b.

		Demo mode: See the original configuration... 800*600, 32 b.

		Hardcore Mode: P3 or P4, 750+Mhz, Geforce 2 64 Mo (no MX, please)...and further. 1280*1024, 32 b.

	In fact, the most important factor is the amount of Ram you have .... Ram rules!

	We also include a little benchmark mode, which let you choose the resolution and the kind of window (Fullscreen or 	Windowed) you want to run that demo in, after detecting your hardware settings (isn't that cool?)

	As we needed some more options to achieve our real-time-debug-sessions, we've included in this version the ability 	to synchronize the engine, to launch the frame counter and to enable or not  the V-synch.

	New Millenium demo uses the NOVA#3.01, a Full DirectX 8.0 engine which include Dynamic Lights and Shadows, Mesh 	deformations, Multi texturing, Volumetric lights, Particles systems, Texture tiling and Texture offset animation, 	Inverse Kinematics, Multi viewport, Transparency, and a lot of hidden but powerfull  things ;-)

	New Millenium has been tested under several type of systems, such as W98 SE, Win2Kpro, W2KSERVER, WMe,  WXP, and it 	WORKS. If, some troubles occured, make sure you have DirectX8.0 properly installed and  try to reboot your 	computer...

Tools required to build this demo:

	For the Coding part, Kosh used Visual C++ 6.0,  3D Studio Max 4 Sdk, and hundreds of Coke bottles.

	For the graphic part, Mitch used 3D Studio Max 4.02, Photoshop 6,  Rhinoceros 1.1 and Hundreds liters of beer.

	For the music part, Zaac used Fastracker 2.09 and tons of bike pneumatics.

Special Mention:

	This mention is the Zalem award, and it goes to the organisators of La Slach Party. You've done a great work during 	these 4 days, you have been patient towards us, and the ventreche burgers were simply fabulous. And we had a lot of 	fun...Keep up the good work and see ya next year!!!

				A la Slach, on se laaaache!