Cubernoid's Voyage by ocsa [web]

4096 bytes is far too much.. it takes hell of a time (more than two
days) to fill it if you want to be perfectionist. so the code is lousy
and mostly unoptimized.

it was completely made under linux dosemu where it works just fine. so
i bet it also runs under dos-based graphical user interfaces such as
microsoft windows 95/98.

the machine used was a 25 mhz i386 but it is not speed-optimized so i'd
recommend an i486 for a better framerate.

the music is missing merely because i had no time to make one and it
wouldn't have been played in the compo anyway. however i'll probably
release a "second final version" with music in it. just look forward.

there's an ugly bug making the perspective look jumpy, probably causing
from the fixed-point arithmetic used :) i'll try to fix that too.

the gfx mode is the legendary 13h.. i'll try to add an option for a
better one soon.

viznut - vheikkil@hytti.uku.fi

ocsa   - http://www.hytti.uku.fi/~vheikkil/ocsa/

pwp    - http://www.hytti.uku.fi/~vheikkil/pwp/

ps. if you ever arrange a 4k compo, allow the use of music! by doing
this you'll help building a new world in which 4k intros are not deadly
boring to watch :) thank you

pps. and remember to read the upcoming pwp diskmag! :) (finnish only)
including a couple of different skenery partyreports, ultra-kool hpacvd
stuff etc. it'll be net-readable at our www site.