Cyboman! by Komplex [web]


                      G      A      Z      E      B      O


                         C   Y   B   O   M   A   N   !

                             Final Release Version

        CyboMan!  was Gazebo's contribution to the 80k intro compo of
        The Party '93.


Minimum configuration for maximum pleasure

        We recommend at least 486/25 machine equpped with Local Bus VGA
        card for running CyboMan!, altough CyboMan!  will work on any
        machine that has 386 compatible processor in it.  386 processor
        is required due to use of 32 bit registers.  Also, VGA card must
        be 100% register compatible with IBM standard.  Please note that
        CyboMan!  is designed to run on full frame rate, so action is
        not syncronized to screen update.  Reason for this is simple, it
        is smashed together in just four days...  some routines were
        ready, some were not, and some bugged like hell.  So there just
        wasn't any time to syncronize it properly.

Memory required

        CyboMan!  requires about 440 kB free conventional (below 640k)
        memory.  EMS, XMS, DPMI or other standards for memory above 640k
        are not required (and neither supported).

386 memory managers

        CyboMan!  has worked fine with all 386 memory managers during
        our own tests, but 386 memory managers using V86 mode slow down
        your machine.  The slow down is no problem when using sound card
        capable to hardware mixing, but if you have problems with
        performance, try removing V86 software.

Soundcards supported

        Due to technical advantages, CyboMan!  supports only Gravis
        UltraSound sound card.  First release of this intro didn't have
        configurable port address (it was hardcoded to 220h), but due to
        many requests we decided to release another version with
        selectable port address.  Also, another reason for only
        supporting UltraSound was that it is the only sound card we
        could get our hands on :-)

        Special thanks to Blizzard of Epical for lending his GUS to us.


        If you want to ask something or just want to write some nice
        e-mail, try emailing either one of these addresses:


        If you want to send us a huge pile of bargain soundcards or just
        write a nice letter or something like that (no swapping but
        maybe a cool friendship...), write to:

                Jarno Heikkinen
                Kauppakatu 4 B 47
                FIN-40100 Jyvaskyla


        Due to intro design, the greets and other texts in the intro are
        cut down to minimum (no body wants to read all of them...) Looks
        like some people still don't understand that meaning of intro is
        to entertain you, not to bore you to death with million pages of
        greets to unknown people and apologies for bad intro...

        This CyboMan!  intro has been released in same condition that it
        was in the compo, no effects have been changed or fixed (it
        still has the same bugs), just some offensive texts was removed.
        So you who missed the party can see what the intro was like, not
        what it should have been... (Hello Avalanche...:)

        Soon after The Party '93 Gazebo joined Complex.  All Gazebo
        products after this one are released under the name Complex.  So
        if you want to greet us, greet Complex!

CyboMan! (c) Gazebo 1993
except music replay (c) Robert Adolfsson/Cascada 1993