Miracle by ADDiCT [web]

                               Miracle by Addikt.Labs
                                 first presented at
                          Symphony Demoscene Art Festival
                         Trzcianka, Poland, September 2001

- Starring:
  Aneta Tomaszewska . Ayla     . programming
  Lukasz Migas      . Lettique . engine programming, desing, modelling
  Przemek Kotynski  . Mantra   . pictures
  Erika Wittmann    . Puddy    . soundtrack
  Roman Solowiej    . Shexbeer . pictures
  Robert Wiacek     . Sagat    . textures

  Szabolcs Menyhei  . Inferno  . two textures 
  Lukasz Slowak     . Neuroup  . motor-cycle object

  Special thanks go to:
  Frost for being around and criticise,
  Hipocrites for help, Reptile/Astroidea for one scene idea,
  Cass Everitt & Sim Dietrich for their help.

- Additional:
  The engine uses: ZLIB, BASS, JPeG LIB - greetings to the authors of them

- Features:
  - color-buffer texturing
  - dynamic shadows
  - stenciled mirrors
  - cube environment mapping
  - independent light sources with shadows
  - image projected spotlights with shadows
  all these effects are calculated in real-time, no fakes.

  You need a GeForce-class card to run this demo. Strongly recommended
  to run it on at least GeForce2 GTS. We need its fill-rate because of
  our advanced lighting techniques. The demo runs smooth on
  Athlon Classic 600Mhz and ELSA GeForce2 GTS with detonators 14.70.
  Also you need more or less 64MB of free ram in your machine.

- Compatibilities:
  We have successfully tested that piece of bytes using
  DirectX 8.0/DirectX 8.1 beta, Windows 2k, Windows 98, Windows XP beta,
  Detonators 12.41, Detonators 14.70, Detonators 21.81 and
  Detonators WHQL 21.83.

  We have found a few incompatibilities on older detonators (6.x) which
  are not Direct3D8 detonators, so please use the newest one or the one
  we have listed above.

- For Contact Try:

(c) 2000-2001 Addikt.Labs - http://addict.scene.pl
(c) 1999-2001 LaCube Technologies (LaCubeD3D engine) - http://lettique.go.to

- Disclaimer:
You are NOT allowed to put this production to ANY profit-oriented CD, DvD or
other media including graphic cards software CD. If you want to do this you need
our WRITTEN permission. You can still watch the demo, present it to the public,
copy it, spread it or put it to ANY http/ftp as long as
it is for free == no charging for downloading/watching, you don't change
the orginal archive (ZIP) and the files inside the archive.
(Only ftp.scene.org crew may put their info file inside the original archive
if they want to, then the archive + scene.org info file is treaten as
the original archive). This software (the demo) has been made for free,
it's for free and it'll be for free.