Contact by Pulse [web]

                   a 1.5 day production at Akira's place
                   with a .5 day replacements same place

                         code......Camel & Unreal
                       gfx.......Antony, Lazur, Niko
                   "IO-D Dream Driver"........Scorpik

        what you could see in vectors was mapping, env, light+texture,
        gouraud and texture, transflucency, bump. i guess.

        i (unreal) would like to send my best regards and sincere thanks
        to Technomancer. Without his help with organizers at the party
        place, demo wouldn't have been shown there.

        Also thanks for having good fun together at IO3 from Pulse guys to
        our mates in Exmortis.

                req: 3/4(86) (p5 pref), 1mbgus, hicolor SVGA.