680XX Convention Picture by Inter Development

Picture was Raytraced by Samurai^Inter Development
for the Gfx Compo at the 680XX Convention in Hamburg.

This was the very first entry ever for a compo
at a Party for Inter

Graphics competition
01. Noogman of Complex
02. McFly of Risk
03. Buckly of Infect
04. Dream Design of Remedy
05. Ra of Sanity
06. Friendly of Damian
07. Cougar of Sanity
08. Demon of Animators
09. Cyclotronic of Alpha Flight
10. SPIV of Infect
11. Wildstyle of Shades
12. JMS of Animal Mine

13. Samurai of Inter

14. Slaine
15. Dr. 1Mips of Syntex
16. Furio of Profecy
17. Agent T of Cream
18. Fiver of Acrid
19. Djiby of Nova
20. Falcon of Arise