303 by Acme (pc)

303 - x97 demo by acme and people.
6 april 97
finished 10 minutes before the demo compo, 4 hours after the deadline.
Thanks to the ever patient organisers (success) for a great party.

And now the part for those unsung heroes of the demo making process:

AAP = design + graphics
ACRYL = drawing lots of pictures I didn't get time to put in
HARLEQUIN = the breakdancer in the demo
RAVIAN = for sorting out the video capture card
SIMSTIM = giving (risking?) his computer when it was the only one left alive

and of course that was vic's voice you heard. Is this the first
original song-demo? :)

also featuring vic (the serious looking guy) with simstim behind...
and some red headed freak.

The authors of this work accept no responsibility for any consequences of
the use (or misuse) of this product, whether they be direct or indirect
consequences of its use. blah blah blah

Well having said that, this is the most expensive demo ever! In the process
of making it in the last 4 days we have killed

2 motherboards (one lasted just 36 hours out of the shop)
1 video capture card
1 mpeg compressor
1 hard disk physically trashed
1 hard disk reformatted
and an entire PC out of operation (cause of death: unknown)

and hey. They all belonged to vic. haha.

So that's why this demo seems a little unfinished, is bugged as hell and
totally untested.

hope you enjoyed it

vic + statix