h4vok by Archee [web]

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4k intro for Breakpoint 2008

Music by Slyspy
Coded by Archee
Synth by Archee

Thx to: Crinkler
Testing by Conspiracy

 - Very fast video card at least Shader Model 2.0
 - Fast CPU (only uses one core)
 - Sound hardware.
 - Run in square pixel mode 4:3
 - DirectX 9
 - WinXP

more info:
 The precalc is for the music. 

Estimates sizes:
 500 bytes crinkler
 700 bytes rendering with shadows
 1500 bytes physics
 102 bytes extra for colored blocks
 700 bytes music and soundeffects
 + misc & scene disgn

more info and video at:

Archee : peterdutch@freemail.hu