Sexgames by Dead Hackers Society [web]

  ,ad8888ba,            ad88888ba                  ,ad8888ba,             
 d8"'    `"8b          d8"     "8b                d8"'    `"8b     ,d     
d8'                    Y8,                       d8'        `8b    88     
88                     `Y8aaaaa,    8b,dPPYba,   88          88  MM88MMM  
88      88888  aaaaaaaa  `"""""8b,  88P'    "8a  88          88    88     
Y8,        88  """"""""        `8b  88       d8  Y8,        ,8P    88     
 Y8a.    .a88          Y8a     a8P  88b,   ,a8"   Y8a.    .a8P     88,    
  `"Y88888P"            "Y88888P"   88`YbbdP"'     `"Y8888Y"'      "Y888  
                                    88                       Release 001


Forget anything you know about Chipmusic, this is NOT your standard
chiptune. Once again Crazy Q teams up with local wierdo dIRTY 120o.
After the two crazy dudes saw tons of 80's porn and listened
to the latest shuffle shit on vinyl, they deliverd this sick puppy on
the ST !!! If U like minimal grooves, fatcat basslines and a sound 
with the touch of 80's porn, then this is a track for you !

This an track for the Club, NOT for your avrage gameboy party !!

With a short but effective track Crazy Q and dIRTY 120o bring you
the first release of G-Spot ....

Watch ya speakers suckers !! 

// Dan Svensson for G-Spot 2007