Proton by Science (pc) [web] & Black Maiden [web]


     by Science and Blackmaiden

     released at NVision / NVScene 2008
     August 25-27, San Jose, CA

     \\__ credits

     jar       -  code, design
     hijacker  -  code
     ritzu     -  audio

     requires hi-end GPU (we mean it) with shader model 3, directX9c.

     thanks to poti for demokit transport and some nice beer (and to kerstin for the delicious dinner!).

     \\__ about

     we tried to do some more advanced GPU-intensive effects instead of 3d flybys, 
     but as usual we ran way out of time..
     there is some nice math stuff and complex shaders involved.
     hijacker coded some heavy geometry instancing and vertex-shader magic.

     for some strange reason the isotunnel only seems to run smooth with d3d DEBUG runtimes.
     we hope to fix this in a final version (but don't count on it).

     \\__ misc

     we love: 

     Andromeda ASD Cocoon Conspiracy CNCD Einklang.net Evoke-org Excess Fairlight 
     Farbrausch Haujobb Inque Kolor MFX Plastic Still Sunflower TBL

     special greets to pandur and 0xtob!

     web       : http://science.untergrund.net
     mail      : j-ar@gmx.net