Chameleon by Andromeda Software Development [web]

                      +-   Chameleon   -+
                        a n d r o m e d a
                         s o f t w a r e
                      d e v e l o p m e n t

                        Code   : Navis

                       Music   : aMUSiC

                      Lyrics   : aMUSiC
                      Vocals   : aMUSiC
                      Thanks   : Aasemoon

                          presented at
                           Evoke 2009


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                  16:9 aspect ratio resolutions        

           Sound  Playback  by FMOD.   Copyright (C) 
           2001-2006  FireLight Technologies Pty, Ltd. 


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					Before I can catch you, you're slipping my grip
					In plain sight you vanish mysterious creep
					Green, blue and yellow like a rainbow strip
					You're changing a million colors
					Familiar allure, there is nothing to see
					A play of the senses you put on for me
					To have and to hold is to lose and regret
					You're making this all too easy
					I come to your nightmares, you come to my dreams
					It feels like it's heaven made out of our sins
					As coal turns to diamond undone come the seams
					I'm tangled in this confusion
					Come too close
					Then run away
					Don't know who's hiding
					If I am just finding
					This treacherous nasty
					Chameleon behaviour of yours
					I've learned to interpret your playful intent
					But still you surprise me, and you don't relent
					I think of escaping and then I repent
					You're turning into addiction
					The reasons are something you keep to yourself
					And all of our moments I keep on a shelf
					As I step on forward you take two steps back
					And back as I go.. you follow
					Come too close
					And stay some more
					Feeling I'm hunted
					And taking for granted
					This perverted shifty
					Chameleon behaviour of yours
					Admitting my feelings again is so quaint
					Like all of those colours you won't let me paint
					Green, blue and yellow the canvas is faint
					And lacking determination
					If you're only playing, I can't let you win
					My intent is as focused as always has been
					I might not escape your appeal and your charm
					But I am chameleon also
					Can't get close
					The fountains of effort
					I'm putting on your fort
					Transcending my conscience
					And try to convince you to
					Come too close
					And stay just there
					I'm not not even hiding
					It's all about fighting
					For getting rid of this
					Chameleon behaviour of yours           


                          July 2009