Stationary Elvin Stands Still by Titan [web]

  Stationary Elvin Stands Still

  Code, Music......Peter Mindek

  ==Technical details==========  

  Coded in Delphi 7, music was
  tracked in Renoise. It doesn't
  care about important stuff
  like screen aspect ratio, or
  even screen size. So, therefore,
  try to watch this on 640x480
  if it is possible. Thank you :)

  Watching this you will notice
  the lack of "graphics". That's
  because I didnt put in any.
  Elvin is simple.


  Lenka, Suki, Abaddon, Katka,
  Lopatak, Kopancek, Valdik,
  FIIT STU, Everyone,
  and Titan.