2019 by Brainstorm [web]


   2019 by Brainstorm
   first presented at
   Evoke 2010 in Köln
   Credits: Preacher did the coding and the visuals
            Hansee composed the music and made some kanji
            Ivy did her particle magic
            and in addition to that
            Bpoint spoke Japanese
            Xerxes helped with the mastering
            OpenIL loaded the images
            FMOD played the music
            GLEW saved the day
            and all the Brainstormers tested and gave enough
            ideas for at least three demos.
    This demo was made rather quickly, in about six weeks,
    and completely at the workplace. It is open source and
    the source code can be found at the Brainstorm web page. 
    You, however, do not want it. The visuals are 3000 lines
    of pure hardcoding and it started out as something quite
    different than what it ever ended up being. 
    You can get randomized visuals by checking the appropriate
    box. Some combinations look really bad, but occasionally
    there is set of options that's pretty nice. Also, the
    random mode has one addition to the visuals that was taken
    out from the final demo. Go check it out. 
    We would like to say hello to our friends:
    Aardbei	Alcatraz Allien Senses Andromeda ASD Bitfellas
	Chorus CNCD Conspiracy CVGM geeks Darklite Dreamdealers
	Ephidrena Excess Fairlight Farbrausch Hedelmae IND Komplex
	Madwizards Melon Dezign	MFX	Nectarine crew Neural 
	Northern Dragons Nuance Orb	Outracks Paradise Plastic
	Portal Process Rebels SBD Shitfaced Clowns Spaceballs
	Still Stravaganza Style	Synesthetics TBL Titan Traction
	Trailer Park Demos TRBL Triad Tristar TRSI UKScene Allstars
	Ümlaüt Design
    Finally, we are all at http://brainstorm.untergrund.net, do 
    come for a visit or check a demoparty near you. 

    Thank you for watching 2019.