Turbo Jelly 3000 by Peisik [web]

       TURBO JELLY 3000
a game by Peisik for Revision 2011


You are Mr. Slimy who has been called to the
city because of a sudden jelly invasion from
outer space! You have to defeat the evil jellies
with your powerful anti-jelly grenades.


Arrow keys move Mr. Slimy around and he tosses
an anti-jelly grenade when you press space.

  (Technical) details:

This game was made on the way to/at the
Revision 2011 party. The included source code
is in CoolBasic, a language that basically
transfers a modern monster PC a couple of
decades back. It's low and buggy, but relatively
easy and fun to write :)


code: msqrt
music&gfx: cce

Greetings to all our fans! (yes, both of you!)


24.4.2011, 4:10 AM @ Revision 2011