9 CHANNELS by Mister Beep [web] & HOOY-PROGRAM [web] & Trixs [web]

Demo: "9 channels"
presented at International Vodka Party 2011 The Beeper Edition. 
Machine: ZX Spectrum 48K.

Intro AY music by Yerzmyey, 
intro code/gfx by Factor6. 

Further main code by Hellboj, 
further main gfx by Trixs, 
***the main BEEPER songs by MISTER BEEP.*** 

This is a demo/music-collection for ZX Spectrum 48Kb with BEEPER music as developed as possible with the machine. In oncoming parts it contains BEEPER music with 9 channels (8 tones and the drum track). It was possible to make this program because Shiru programmed a totally new BEEPER engine that is highly powerful and capable of playing NINE channels from a single ZX Spectrum 48K. The engine is called OCTODE. Generally BEEPER music contained here is kept in art-rock style (called 'progressive rock' sometimes), because the most well-known gamesongs from 80s from Spectrum48 were kept in this genre, and they have been written mostly by Tim Follin. Z80 chip can actually generate whichever sound however ZX fans prefer mostly the characteristic Follin's sound (hard to stand for other 8bit computers' users :) :) ) and because we have a lot of accessible channels, our chiptunes remind mostly something like a furious swarm of hornets or bees. ;) In this demo you will find the typical Spectrum 'sound-wall' too. The Octode is the most powerful 1-bit engine contemporary. It gives 8 channels of tones + one track of drums. 9 channels is a huge effort for Spectrum's Z80 CPU, so the engine can make detunes sometimes. It's not easy to compose music without false notes here, however it is possible. It has an additional feature - tuning command E5x. It changes the notes' frequency and can be used for achieving more interesting 'fat' instruments. It's often used here as it gives some slightly detuned pads, like from analogue synthesizers. Enjoy the swarm. You have been stung.