Enlight '96 Invitation Intro by Realm Of Illusion [web]

                       -= ENLiGHT'96 INVITATION INTRO =-


    386, VGA, Adlib (optional)
    Please DO NOT run under any multitasking OS like OS/2, Win (95), DV etc..

Tested on:

    486DX4-160/CL5422 ISA
    486DX4-160/DS64 VRAM PCI
    486DX4-160/CL5430 PCI
    486DLC40/OTI VGA ISA

    Thx to Slash /Group2 , Knave for betatesting & Werewolf /FotD for 
    english text.

Fresh info about ENLiGHT'96:


    (E96 results and other info will be placed there)

To all foreigners:

    Sorry for delay with english version, but we were not able to announce
    info about ENLiGHT'96 worlwide because hadn't know for sure if party
    will happen. 

CodeRipper /ROi

email:  frog@gauss.pdmi.ras.ru

                   -=    WELCOME TO THE ENLiGHT'96!   =-