Minute and a Bit by Tjoppen

                            Minute and a Bit
                               by Tjoppen

                     76½ seconds of 8k Atari VCS goodness
                        Released at Silly Venture 2k11

- Three-color twister using M0, M1 and BL
- Two rotozoomers, neither of them using a frame buffer
- 22x114-pixel plasma
- Six-point rotating two-color pinwheel with text greetings
- Coder music, mostly in tune - only off by ~40 cents here and there
- Source code - just copy over DASM's vcs.h and macro.h and make

This prod uses a modified form of Paul Slocum's Musik Kit 2.0 (finer tempo).
Tools used include DASM, Stella, MESS, a PAL VCS and a Harmony cartridge.