eastside works by Aardbei [web]

 eastside works 
 by     aardbei


 released 14th april 2002 at sf2k, the netherlands.

 this little intro is created in some evenings to fill up
 the empty feeling we had after westside twiddly was finished.

 we would like to thank joegi for making this sweet tune.

 oh yes, if you hate the design (if there is any), do not 
 blame oyiseer, i (rob) fucked it up quite much, sorry.

 after party note:

 intro made the first place (out of 2 ;)

 there seems to be a problem with the sync on some systems. if
 the credits and title logo are shown at the same time the sync
 does not work correctly. if this happens please report system 
 specs to rob@aardbei.com. thanks. i will try to fix it.


 systemcode, effectcode, glueing and designing
 rob / aardbei

 gfx and designing
 oyiseer / aardbei

 joegi / total eclipse

 mail us: