Edge Of Forever by Andromeda Software Development [web]

  -[] Edge of forever
        by ASD  []-

ASD once again washes your linen so
you can watch more demos.

As international washing machine
suppliers we would like to thank
our loyal customers:

dEUS, theLab, Nasty Bugs, nLogN,
Mogwai Productions, Split Infinity
#demo-gr, #pixel, #trax, pouet.net

This linen has been washed at the
ReAct 2002 Demo Party held in Patras
Greece between 19 and 21 April. (Pretty
long time for washing matters)

The washing hands are

Navis         - Main washing techniques
Amoivikos     - Color preserving detergents
aMUSiC        - Rotary washing machine sounds
P.M. Albert   - Linen folding

Visit our washing factory at www.asd.in.irc.gr
or talk with our public relations manager at

navis - nina - incus - amusic - amv