Antiques by Dune & Sector One [web]

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>DUNE/SECTOR ONE PRESENT<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<


        This demo is STe only (requires 1 meg).


Coding heroes: Chuck, St Ghost and Zerkman with some
help from Baah/Positivity

Pixel hero: Mic

YM hero: Dma-SC

Oldschool Legend: ES/TEX (thanks Erik!)


As you might notice, this demo features a lot of gfx.
I (mic) really wanted to come with art which would go
beyond what you usually see on ST.

The two mini slideshows you have in the demo should
hopefully hit the spot. The first one features 17
pictures displayed using raster splits. I've been a
long time user of rasters in my pictures and I've
tried this time to go way beyond what i've done

The second slideshow uses a special rout created by
Zerkman which can display up to 29791 colours at once 
on an STe with a lower border overscan. All the 
pictures used in that part have been rendered using 
3ds Max and processed using Zerkman's tool.

Regarding the code, a lot of time has been spent on
optimization, for both display and math routs. For
instance, the splines in the demo use up to 12 control
points with more than 100 lines drawn in one frame.

A special note to all emu users: please try to watch 
this demo on the real hardware to get the real
experience. The musics for instance are very different
from what you can get through emulation.


This will be our last demo for a little while since we 
are now busy with some other projects which are not ST
related and because of lack of time in general.

              Stay tuned, stay Atari!