Wave AtraKKtor by DMA [web]

 -------- Wave AtraKKtor by KK/DMA --------

Idea/Code/Gfx/Msx/Synth		KK

Hardware requirements:	SM 4.0 and A LOT of pixel power and CPU power
			GTX 480 or higher strongly recommended
			if you have something lower, consider
			running demo in reduced resolution
			(or waiting for capture)

Inspirations:	Planet Risk, Loonies demotool, Machine Supremacy

Special thanks go to Marta, for her patience and support.

Many thanks to Mentor, Blueberry and all the people involved in making of Crinkler.

Greets to Reg, Spec, Kyan, Unc, Ninja, 8ball, Voyager, Bonzaj, AceMan and all people of the scene.

Greetings to all the people at the We-Can 2k12 party and beyond.

If you wish, visit me on:	devkk.net
Or drop me a line at:		kk (at) devkk.net

Have fun,