Tyropite by optimus

Tyropite (GP2X demo)

First released at Recursion 2012 demoparty in Montreal, Canada

Code by Optimus, Music by Hardliner and background somewhere from Pouet random image thread I guess :)

Ok,. so this is my comeback to the GP2X and it's not what I was planning but I hope I will take more 
time for the next one, being hopefully a megademo and not underst strict deadline. I have started 
playing with the quaberium lib exactly one month ago and then I decided to also build a new 3d engine 
from scratch, which is much simpler and less bloated than my old ZeEngine. (as for speed I will 
benchmark soon, but I got into trouble with very slow math library in the devkit I was using, instancing 
many objects runs few sin and floats before each transformation, so I surprisingly find it was too slow 
and didn't have much time to fully optimize then). Anyway,. so I spent lot's of time on this engine which 
I like very much now, and didn't had time for more parts. And so I decided to make a scrolltro with some 
gouraud cubes and textured quads for the fonts. Didn't manage to use all features of the lib too (only 
YUV and hardware scroll for the background and RGB with colorkey transparency for the rest).

I guess this won't be my last GP2X demo as I didn't managed to make more cool stuff in this demo but that's 
good because there will be more. Till next time!