Veronika by HARD Software

Veronika Demo Disk for Atari XL.

This demo package was written by The HARD Software. The members of this group
are Sandor Teli, Farkas Felker and Tamas Bene from Budapest, Hungary.
The demo consists of 7 parts. You can switch to the next part by pressing
SPACE BAR. It takes some seconds to load the next part from the disk.
Scroll texts are rather stupid, so it isn't worth reading them!
Unfortunately it doesn't run on XE's. (We still haven't been able to find out,
what is the reason for this.) It runs on extended XL, however.
Some technical details: Musics were stolen from Commy, but the Atari player
is an original product of The HARD Software. Most of the logos, fonts etc. was
also developed by us. The disk is compressed and very seriously protected!
Cracking is not prohibited!
Have fun!

If you have any question, please contact us via E-mail:
	bene_t@bme-at.aut.bme.hu, or