Surge by Eventide

Title:        Surge
Group:        Eventide
Party:        Sundown 2013
  Code:       revival
  Code:       raizor
  Music:      Punqtured

This got terribly rushed. This was released 
right when we're working on a new tool for
our 64k intros, but we really, really wanted
to do an entry for Sundown. So we picked
up bits and pieces of what we had, broke
the old tool completely, and ended up having
to make it a demo, due to problems with the
synth, the fonts and a lot of other problems
so it won't be a 64k this time. Sorry about
that, but we'll get there. We will!

The exe release is an oversized debug version,
due to a few last minute headaches...

The sunset scene uses a modified version of
h3r3's Shadertoy Sunset shader, and the TV 
filter effect is based on Rez/Razor1911's
famous TV screen filter.