1991 donut by Desire [web]

DESiRE presents: 1991 donut - final version
Released at the 1991 party 2013

Platform: MS-DOS, VGA, AdLib, any CPU
Code: Scali
Logo: Alien/Maali
Font: Hammerfist
Music: No-XS

Special thanks to Trixter and Harekiet for helping with the special timer interrupt and VGA palette trickery,
and to Trixter and Reenigne for helping with fixing the EdLib player routine.

The final version differs from the party version in a number of ways:
- AdLib music by No-XS
- Improved logo
- Moving lightsource and a tiny bit of ambient light
- Reduced precalc time
- Code is a lot faster (should no longer crash on very slow machines, not even a 4.77 MHz 8088)
- Instead of separate binaries for 286 and 8088, there is now one binary for all
- Specify 'low' on the commandline to switch to the low-poly donut for very slow machines

works even with 286/10/VGA/SB!