Concord by Ümlaüt Design [web]

Concord by Ümlaüt Design

Made for Experience 2013

Needs shader 3.0 and d3dx9_43.dll

The intro is, in a large part, generative; 
feel free to play around with the random seed.

To that end, video rendering of this intro
is explicitly forbidden.

Big thanks to Leia, Reid, Tomoya, Smash, 
and especially Statix for reinvigorating
my interest in generative visuals.

2013 (c) www.umlaut.hu

24h-post-party fix note:

A lot of people complained about getting
a black screen when running this intro.
With the help of Zoom and Cupe I narrowed this
problem down to a fairly esoteric combination
of conditions.

The bug only occurs when:
- The intro is run in fullscreen.
- The selected resolution is non-native (e.g. 720p)
- You have Aero enabled.
- You have a secondary monitor.

This for some reason causes a bunch of DXGI errors
with Aero, even though the intro itself is DX9.

If there's a known workaround, I'd love to hear about it.
As it stands, I'll just default the intro to the highest
possible (native) resolution.