Bomb`O`Ban by The Obsessed Maniacs


This is the NorthconDemoverse Edition of "Bomb'O'Ban".

basically the idea behind this game is to combine the classic "sokoban" with some fresh features that makes it more of an arcade game. 


first of all you should be aware that the player only has a limited contingent of steps he can go before he bites the dust. the number of steps is displayed in the rightmost lower corner of the screen.

furthermore there are some traps which come out of certain walls. you will recognize them if you look closely!

as of making the players journey a bit more difficult in certain levels there is a door/key system. collect the correct keys to unlock areas in that levels. be sure to use the keys in the correct order!

the nicest feature imho. is the usage of bombs. they can be activated by simply touching them. you can push bombs as you do with boxes. but be aware that bombs are intended to explode ! 

last but not least the boxes you push around have to be delivered to special places. commonly they are numbered.


the figure is simply controlled by your cursor keys. 

"up" 			move one step foreword
"left" / "right" 	turn around by 90 degrees.
"space" 		let the figure die (in order you made a unrecoverable mistake by pushing some boxes into several wrong places.
"escape" 		exits the game


this game is designed on a winXP-system with 1024x768px screen resolution. although you may mess around with the resolution it is strongly recommended to keep it.
it runs fairly well on a native windows system but i had some serious speed issues on VMware.

this version of Bomb'O'Ban has only five levels. it's more a proof of concept than anything else. in fact this game was hidden in my drawer for nine years before i started to polish it up a little bit and publish it in a demo-compo. technically it's below today's standards. nevertheless it's fun playing. don't you think ?

A NorthconDemoverse GameDev competition entry made by Prince of the Obsessed Maniacs / TRSI. done in 2004/2013