Slow Motion by D.T.A. Software Studio

        SLOW MOTION by DTA

is a contribution to "other platform demo" compo 
on Forever 15 in Horná Súèa (14.-16. 3. 2014).

 Sam Coupé 512K with floppy drive

 Code     Antony/DTA
 Music    DJM/DTA
 Graphics Antony/DTA (Internet source)

Technical info:
 Length            161282 Bytes
 Duration           6 min 8 sec

Speed of individual parts of demo:
 Title+AnimBackGround 50.00 FPS
 RotPic                4.13 FPS
 Tunel                 6.99 FPS
 Earth                 7.22 FPS
 WavingFlag            5.58 FPS
 Draw'n'Fill           5.39 FPS
 ColorBars            50.00 FPS
 ColorSegments         7.13 FPS
 Vectors3D             7.29 FPS
 Pictures In/Out  7.03/7.43 FPS

Software used:
 PC programs: SimCoupe,WinUAE,GoogleChrome
 Amiga programs:PersonalPaint,ASM-One
 Sam Coupe Programs: B-DOS,CometAssembler,E-Tracker,Flash