Cheesetoe by Digital Sounds System

Cheesetoe - KΣsekΣstchen mal anders.

Try to score by closing boxes on the grid.
You can either set a side, shift a row/column or throw a bomb per turn.
The powerups are located on the grid and you can get them by closing a box at their position.
The game is over when every box on the grid has been closed.
Be careful: if you still have bombs left when the game ends, you'll loose points!

Used tools: Devkitpro, Gimp, FL Studio, sox, dolphin

Platform: Gamecube

Concept, code, music and most gfx: RbR
AI Code: Skomp

Bombsound from freesound.org

Explosion sprite used and modified from... Guess...You know it ;)

Party version for Revision 2014, may not be stable yet due to beer and may contain strange sounds.

For copyright notice of the oggplayer read the sources in the player directory.

Move your cursor with dpad or analog stick.
Select/deselect with A
Choose direction with dpad or analog stick.
Set a side with B
Shift a row with X
Throw a bomb with Y
Cancel the current game and return to the menu with START

Good night :)