Baby, instant soup doesn't really grab me by KÜA software productions & Reservoir Gods [web]

KšA software productions presents:

"Baby, instant soup doesn't
                        really grab me"
(subtitled: Remote entry #2)
(party version)

Released at the Global Convention of
Worldwide Demo Developers International,
Inc. 2015 (that's a mouthful!)

Expect a final soon (promise!)

Make sure you reset the machine after
watching. STEem Engine 3.2 has some
video/audio drift, so the syncing is
lost, especially at the end. Use
a real STE with 4MB please.


Code (lol): ggn
Graphics: SH3 of RG
Background color: Excellence in Art
Fonts used: Comic Sans MS, Input Mono
Music: Suite for Jazz Orchestra No. 2
by Dmitri Shostakovich (limiter post-
processing applied by Excellence in
Art, bits bastardised by ggn)

Usessome material from the internet:

Credit goes to the guys/gals that made these

My brain is empty
I have a cold.

You're bored reading this.

Hugs and kisses.

17 Jan 2015 13:51