Mojo by Exxtreme Entertainment

= Mojo 4k intro Readme =

Mojo is a 4k intro by Jukka "Kone" Hietanen of Exxtreme Entertainment. It
took part in 4k intro compo at Assembly 98 party.

* Animated text viewer.
* Bumpy surfaces with multicolored rotating lightsources.
* Up to 16 frame windows.
* Environment mapped, blurred and high-detailed morphing objects.
* Solid and wireframe fill.

Run in pure DOS or Windows 95/98/NT DOS box with 550 kb of base memory

Commercial use of this product is not allowed without the written permission
of the author.

Who are we?
Exxtreme Entertainment is a creative finnish group of young developers. Our
main developing platform is Visual C++ on Windows 95/98/NT. There are some
incoming productions you will hear soon.

Main crew
Jukka "Kone" Hietanen <juhietan@freenet.fi>
Software Designer
Visual C++, DirectX, Assembler

Janne "save" Hietanen <savenoxe@freenet.fi>
Software Designer
Visual C++, DirectX, Assembler

Matias "Mude" Peltola
Jussi "BuiJ" Ollila
Tero "pi" Tilus
Sampo "XoR" Vuori
Veli-Matti "outolintu" Rautiainen
Esa-Matti "Ece" Sarjanoja
Kari "c0sm0s" Suvanto
Hannu "Anaconda" Vuori
Teemu "Ace" Rytky
Lauri Makela
Rami Vuorenmaa
Jarkko Hyvarinen
Antti Ollila
Mauno Tallgren
Harri "3D-GURU" Matero
Juha "SQL" Keskirauska
Arto Laitinen