12F38D TRANSISTORS by LiteWerx. [web]

         \\\ LiteWerx. | 12F38D TRANSISTORS

 - a contribution to the Wild! demo competition at TP'96 -

__ technical data _________________________________________

   Title:       12F38D TRANSISTORS    (Go figure...)

   File format: AVI (Intel Indeo 32 codec)

   Resolution:  360 x 200, 24 bit colors

   Duration:    2 mins 04 secs

   Release:     The Party 1996, Aars, Denmark
                December 27th through 29th, 1996

__ the concept ____________________________________________

   Just like "24 Hours" - released at Summer Encounter '96
   in Randers, Denmark, July 29th 1996 - this production was
   created during the party of release.

   We decided to do a production several months before the
   party, but due to lack of time no one really finished any
   thing for the demo. When we arrived at The Party we thought
   that it could be rather cool to create a "24 Hours II"-like
   Wild! demo.

   Sadly, Ruben was too busy finishing another Wild! demo
   project ("Ozonium" by Parasite). Therefore, Dennis and I
   (Kim) decided to group with Dan Frederiksen (also involved
   in the "24 Hours" project) and Jesper D. Thomsen - still
   operating under the \\\ LiteWerx. label, though.

   The mission; To do another Wild! demo in less than one day.
   But longer and better than the original "24 Hours".

__ credits ________________________________________________

   The awesome audio track was yet again composed and
   performed by Dennis Nørgaard. For further information
   about the music please refer to the 'transist.me' file.

   The modeling and rendering was done by:

   Dan Frederiksen   - Landscape

   Jesper D. Thomsen - Spaceship Chase
                       Prod Take-Off

   Kim Jensen        - Title Animation
                       Fire Flight
                       Blue Misty Landscape
                       Text compositions

   Furthermore, Jesper did a lot of the rendering using his
   quite aggressive hardware configuration (Dual P-Pro 240).

   Dan did the video compositing and the transfering to VCR
   using his nice Miró DC-20 video hardware.

__ what to come ___________________________________________

   If you find Wild! demos interesting we'd advise you to
   look out for "Organix" from \\\ LiteWerx. It should hit
   you some where, some time in 1997.

Hope you have enjoyed this demo.