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    a reasonably slapdash demo
    qbparty 2015
    2015.05.15-17, Sülysáp, Middle of Nowhere

    Requires DX9, VS2010 runtime and a graphics card
    that's better than mine. Which isn't that 
    complicated, mind you.    

      hdrlabs.com for the IBL probe archive <3
      IR for a bunch of tricks taught subconsciously
      crm for some great advice that I never bothered following
      Reso for inspration
    Stream of consciousness is as follows:
    It's currently a bit past 2AM, and some chodehead
    is playing what seems to be Tekken on the bigscreen
    obviously misunderstanding what the party is supposed
    to be. The party itself is working well and the
    usual suspects are around which is always fun.
    So a bit about the demo - I'll be the first to admit
    that I started this way too late and most of it because
    I've been having serious doubts whether the track would
    actually work at all; in fact I started working on the
    visuals before I even finished the track more than a
    proof-of-concept loop - which is probably a first.
    I hope that the track is unexplored ground; I've
    been asking around and noone seems to be aware of
    tracks where glitch-hop tempo and layouts were mixed
    with hardstyle instruments; I'm still unsure how to call
    it just yet, "hard hop" sounds obvious but the great
    Omar Santana already used that for his line of breaks,
    so I'm considering "kick hop" or "disto-hop" or something
    equally asinine - or maybe noone gives a shit, I dunno.
    It's still louder than h0ffman though, heheh.
    Anyway I kinda wanna sleep now and noone else seems to
    be doing anything interesting anymore, so I'll just
    zip this up and offer it to the great compo Gods.
    Take care,
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