So We Just Buzz by PULS [web]

Title:      SOWEJUST (So We Just Buzz)
Category:   Demo
Rank:       2nd
Party:      Forever-Party o17 - Horna Suca 2016

Features:   The feelings of a Thomson coder when it comes
            the time to create a production containing music.
Group:      PULS (http://www.pulsdemos.com)
Author:     __sam__ (Samuel Devulder)

Machine(s): Thomson TO7/70, TO8, TO9, TO9+ (6809e @ 1Mhz)
            without any expansion.

Format:     Standard thomson disk with bootloader allowing 
            to boot on any machine having a floppy controller,
            even if it only has BASIC 1 without dos extensions.

Remarks:    1) The demo loops again and again, byt you can quit 
               it any time by pressing a key.

            2) This demo features a novel 4 voice player
               for the Thomson machine. It uses all the CPU
               but only needs the standard buzzer. The last
               voice is able to play drums instead of instrument.
               The buzzer player is inspired by the work of 
               UTZ on the Spectrum, but the tracker-format
               has been massively optimized to occupy very 
               little memory and provide many extensions like
               text-printing which is used all along this
            4) The music is a cover of a song entitled "Alors 
               on dance" from a Belgium artist named "Stromae" 
               (c) Universal 2009.

               The GFX is also conversion of his single-CD
               picture. http://tinyurl.com/hdbu65r
               The lyrics are mine and are covered by a WTFPL :)
            3) The source-code is provided in the archive.
            4) This prod has only been tested on emulators 
               (but should run fine on real machine as well :) )