Crankwork Steamfist by Ninjadev [web]

        --- Crankwork Steamfist ---
                by Ninjadev

Crankwork Steamfist is Ninjadev's entry  in
the new school demo compo at Solskogen 2016.
The  demo  is  compiled  down  to  a single
.png.html  file  which  is  then  run in  a
browser with support for WebGL and mp3, for
instance Chrome.

This demo  is created using our  in-browser,
fully  open-source  demo tool  called `nin`.
You can get the tool, as well  as the  demo
over at http://github.com/ninjadev.

Thanks  to  everyone  at Solskogen  for yet
another awesome party!  We love coming back
here every year and will continue to do so!

Made by  iverjo,  sigveseb,  cristea,  run,
finninde,  capitalism,  A Jacobsen, profit,
stiaje and alf.