Reivaava Gootti by jumalauta [web] & Paraguay

Reivaava Gootti
WebGL demo by Jumaguay
JUMALAUTA sweet 16
Code: rimina,
Music: rimina,
Gfx: Adellan,

Additional code : Osyn
Additional gfx : Windytan
Instructions & Support
- You need to ALLOW LOCAL FILE ACCESS if you want to run demo locally.
    We know it sucks but we will provide online version
    as that is what WebGL is designed for.

- There is 3 options for canvas size:
    Full screen requests the full screen mode automatically.
    Ittakes the canva size from sreen.width and screen.height attributes.
    The canvas should fill the whole screen but note that browsers scaling
    options may affect to the actual canvas size in pixels
    so the resolution is NOT guaranteed to be your native resolution.
- 1920x1080 and 1280x720 modes use canvas that is sized accordingly,
    centered to the browser window. Overflow is hidden.
    These modes does not request full screen automatically.
    You can enter the full screen before starting the demo
    by pressing F11 (in most browsers).

- Tested with Chrome at Windows 10

- Sync might be bit off if the FPS is less than 30. Sorry about that...


This demo uses three.js 3D-library for rendering
    ( https://github.com/mrdoob/three.js )
For sync we have used Rocket sync tracker
    ( https://github.com/kusma/rocket )
Thanks for the authors of these tools! <3