All Dressed Up And Nobody To Fuck by Wildfire [web]

This is a WildFire production called...

 - All Dressed Up And Nobody To Fuck -

It was supposed to be a real BIG demo but then I ended up with this...
I thought I had to release something when I saw the two Chippin'
demos from Dead Hackers Society :) (I hope you dont consider this a
total rip-off Evil :-> )

All code is by Deez,

and the manga pictures are dowloaded from the internet,
the five ST pics are old classics if you ask me, I got them with
NeoChrome 1.0 when I bought my old STFM back in 1990

the music was composed by D-zire from The Silents, I even spoke to him
and he gave me his permission to use the music which is called
"Artificial Musique" :)

I'd like to send greetings to all people on the Atari scene..
especially to:

Baggio and Winter from WildFire (we better release the STE-demo soon :> )
Evil/DHS (thnx man, you are really a source of inspiration, hehe),
Marcer/ELiTE and ofcoz all other atari ppl

also hello to all ppl at #atari!!


Tech stuff:

	System req. Falcon o3o, 4MB, RGB or VGA monitor
		    (the demo doesnt use 4MB so you can probably start
		    it from your normal setup)

	Manga pics: 640x400 256 colors
	ST pics:    320x200 16 colors (converted to 256 to spare me some
				       coding time and to make the fade
				       look better)

	You better run the demo with a VGA-monitor if you can, because
	on RGB you get interlace and the flickery screen we all hate.

	Music:	    Artificial Musique is a normal 4-channel ProTracker
	            module by D-zire/Silents.

	Mod-replay: Code by Bitmaster

bye from 
           deez of WilFire

pliiiz contact me for any reason :)

Fredrik Egeberg
Hasselgatan 22
614 33 S”derk”ping
Tel. 0121/21325
Email: deez@algonet.se