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Title:    "Search"
Platform: Calculator Casio fx-9860g or compatable
Mail:     Enter256@yandex.ru
Site:     errorsoft.org
Group:    ErrorSoft
Date:     26.08.2017

Files in archive:
* scr.png - screenshoot
* search.diz - you reading this :)
* SEARCH.G1A - app for calculator
* search.mov - video for mac users
* search.mp4 - video for win users
* Alch0g0lEatsM0nkeY_FatalSnipe.mp3 - track, thanks FatalSnipe!

Demo for graphic calculator.
This demo for Casio fx-9860g and compatable models.

I did this demo for low model,
but if you run it on a more powerful calculator -
the demo will become much smoother!

Demo have two types of synchronization, 
for viewing in the emulator it is better choose - "Timer",
while on the newer calculators you can try "SysCall".

Demo has define-driven-multithread-event-engine for time sync :)
For example:
"static const zdata script[] =
  ZAniFloatValue(idMonitorZ, 2000, INT_LINEAR, -175, -130),<- macros
  ZSleep(idMonitorZ, 2000),
  ZAniFloatValue(idMonitorZ, 2000, INT_SIN, -130, -70),
  ZCall(idMonitorZ, MonitorOnProc),

  ZSleep(idMonitorAngle, 6000),
  ZAniFloatValue(idMonitorAngle, 500, INT_SIN, 0, 0.4),
  ZLabel(idMonitorAngle, 10),
    ZAniFloatValue(idMonitorAngle, 1000, INT_SIN, 0.4, -0.4),
    ZAniFloatValue(6, 1000, INT_SIN, -0.4, 0.4),
  ZGoto(idMonitorAngle, 10),
Every id is a "half-thread".

Many parts are drawn in a virtual 16-gray screen,
and turns into a black/white by a fast dither function.

I using my graphics library: https://github.com/errorcalc/ESLowGraphicsLibrary/blob/master/code/Graphics.h
Quite possibly you will mop it useful!

I am writing this text while on a plane from Petropavlovsk,
Kamchatka to Moscow %)
Oh, I still have to work on spectrum graphics compo...

I started writing a demo just 12 days before the demoparty,
I already had some old sources and it helped me make a good enough(I hope) prod.
I just noticed a logical error with the monitor in the last part ...
unfortunately I can not fix it, I hope it does not spoil the view...
by the way - this part I wrote a first :)
Last - a part with 3d cubes, there was almost no strength left at that moment.

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11:37 26.08.2017